The House of John and Eugenie BOST has been made up from collections already preserved at the heart of the Foundation John BOST. They have been completed by family collections safe-guarded by Gaston BOST – grandson of John BOST and who has been President of the Council of the Foundation John BOST – and by his daughter Annie BOST-GERVEREAU. Laurent GERVEREAU has donated items to the Foundation John BOST, the institution which houses the House of John and Eugenie BOST. An appeal to donors explained the importance of their input.

The varied collections across all disciplines and in different mediums

The varied collections across all disciplines and in different mediums, not only covers the history of BOST and the history of the Foundation John BOST, but also local history and the history of the Protestants.
It also includes a collection of art work, made by the residents over different periods. This is a collection which sheds light on disability, its place in society, and in medical history.
We find, in addition, pictures, sculptures, drawings, art work, handwritten pieces and publications from the archives, photographs, objects, furniture, posters, and post-cards in the displays

It is open to researchers and loans

It is possible to visit the museum with an appointment. Consult the details on-line on the ‘contact’ page. The pieces in the collection may be reproduced freely with the condition that their utilisation is known and there is an obligation to mention: coll. House of John and Eugenie BOST – Foundation John BOST.
The collections may also be loaned for exhibitions on condition that the origin is noted. They are therefore insured by the borrower, who takes responsibility for the transport “door to door”, as well as, in certain cases, the mission of conservation to check that their presentation conforms to standards (light, hygrometry…). In all cases an agreement needs to be signed.

An inventory is available on-line

The inventory of the House of John and Eugenie BOST adheres to the standards of French museums. We are gradually putting all items in this inventory to assists the work of researchers.


Your help is important !

The Home of John and Eugenie Bost have benefited for their current and temporary exhibitions gathered within the John Bost Foundation and external donations. You can also enrich the collection with donations.
They can be of any kind: paintings, engravings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, objects and furniture, films, postcards, posters, manuscripts, books, testimonials …

Themes that are priorities for us:

  • The history of the John Bost Foundation
  • Creations and documents around disability
  • The history of the Bost family
  • The history of French Protestantism
  • The local history


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