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The HOME OF JOHN AND EUGENIE BOST is a museum open to everyone free of charge.

Vists are made freely. Guided tours are only for groups and upon reservation.

The museum does not have a welcome desk but a person is immediatelly available at the « accueil » (reception) of the Foundation and will assit and accompany you if needed.


Arrival at the site

On arriving at the Foundation, the HOME OF JOHN AND EUGENIE BOST is well signposted.


Entrance to the museum

At the entrance to the museum, the person in charge of welcoming you, has a slate for writing in order to help with communication for visitors.


Visiting the museum

Pass through the museum freely along a linear pathway, without making turns, or the choice of different directions.

The diplays are playful and there is uniform signage associated with the text, visual displays, pictogrammes and logos.

The pathway in the museum is linear, and does not present difficulties or diversions.


Discover the museum in a group

Available to groups only with a reservation, out of season.


Click here to reserve a guided tour


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