House John and Eugenie Bost


You are entering a museum unlike any other. The house of John and Eugenie Bost will tell you stories. Those of John and his wife, who played an essential role. Those of a territory and those who lived there. It illustrates a human adventure, which began at La Force, and which has spread through a number of other sites across France.

Evolving, the immersive pathway has its vocation to educate and promote a change in regard on people in our society with handicap and mental disabililties or challenges : a museum to help understand the differences.

Visit the house John and Eugénie Bost

Prophetic work : the asylums of La Force
The Fondation John BOST. Placing value upon the originality and extent of this « prophetic city » designed by John Bost in the 19th century.

Emergence of the protestants and the origins of the Bost family
Some simple landmarks in Protestant history, explained within the general history of worldwide religions and concepts. Then, discover the personal and professional history of John Bost and Eugenie Meynardie-Ponterie.

John and Eugénie Bost : a life’s work
Creation of the « asylums of La Force » following the construction of the first building “The Family” in 1848, also their development in the 19th century

Other Bost’s in the 20th century
Discover the portraits of the strong and diverse characters of Charles Bost, historian and singer Renaud.

The Fondation John BOST in the 20th and 21st century
Bringing to light the evolution in methods of welcome, accompagnement and care of the residents.

Other look
This space “other look” is dedicated to the artistic creations of the residents over time, characterised by their originality and uniqueness.

Temporary exhibition hall
Various demonstrations which highlight the multidisciplinary approach, open to all. See temporary exhibition


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The team

Curator of the museum :

Ariane Dahan

Scientific Council of the Museum

President : Laurent Gervereau
Members : Laurence Bertrand Dorléac (Professor of art history at Sciences Po, Curator of exhibitions at the Louvre-Lens and Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris) ; Patrick Cabanel (Professor of contemporary history at the University of Toulouse et à l’EPHE, Specialist of Protestantism) ; Gabrielle Cadier (Historian, specialist in particular of Eugénie Bost) ; Anne-Marie Dubois (Director of the Collection Saint-Anne) ; François Hubert (Director of the Musée d’Aquitaine) ; Savine Faupin (Chief curator in charge of art brut at LaM de Villeneuve d’Ascq) ; Dominique Mignon (President of the association Société de l’histoire du protestantisme dans la vallée de la Dordogne) ; Anne Nardin (Former Director of Musée de l’Assistance publique, – Hôpitaux de Paris / Head of the museum’s collection department, Musée CarnavaletHistory of Paris) ; Frédéric Panni (Director of the Familistère de Guise) ; Pascal Rigeade (Director of the Musée de la Création Franche à Bègles) ; Sylvain Riou (in charge of artistic projects and exhibitions  la Ferme du Vinatier) ; Coline Rogé (in charge of projectsla Ferme du Vinatier) ; Marc Rolland (Inspector General of l’Education nationale) ; Nicolas Surlapierre (Director of the Musées de Besançon and de Belfort, Art historian who worked on the collection of art brut of the museum of Villeneuve d’Ascq).

Institutional Members

Christian Feuillette (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the John Bost Foundation), Christian Galtier (Director General of the John Bost Foundation) , Olivier Pigeaud (Honorary Member of the Board of Directors of the John Bost Foundation), Ariane Dahan (Curator of the House John and Eugénie Bost).

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