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15 downloadable exhibition panels “La Saga Bost” (in french)

Title of the panels

  • The Saga Bost
  • A family history through some important personalities
  • The history of Protestantism in the history of religions
  • From Beaumont-lès-Valence to Geneva: from “Refuge” to “Réveil”
  • John et Eugénie Bost
  • The Asylums “john bost”
  • Augustin the abolitionist: from Victor Hugo to Algeria
  • Théodore Bost and Sophie Bonjour at the time of the conquest of the American West
  • The Bost diaspora
  • Charles Bost, the camisards and the history of Protestantism
  • Pierre Bost, from novels to scenarios (La Traversée de Paris or L’Horloger de Saint-Paul)
  • Jacques-Laurent Bost: The Modern Times, Le Nouvel Observateur, Sartre and Beauvoir
  • Renaud, a Protestant singer?
  • Acting and Transforming: The John Bost Foundation Today
  • Watching History, Defending Values: The MAISON JOHN ET EUGENIE BOST, a museum to understand the difference


The book(in french)

Under the direction of Cabanel Patrick – Gervereau Laurent
Authors : Patrick Cabanel, Gabrielle Cadier-Rey, Nicolas Champ, Annie Cohen-Solal, André Encrevé, Corinne François-Denève, Christian Galtier, Laurent Gervereau, Liliane Mottu-Weber, François Ouellet, Olivier Pigeaud

Why should we be interested in a family for such a long time (from the 17th century until today) ? Probably for their uniqueness. This family of proestant origins, endured consecutive persecutions during the Révocation of Édit of Nantes by Louis XIV. Ancestor, Jean Laurent Bost (of Beaumont-lès-Valence in the Dauphiné), took refuge in Geneva in 1720. These strong personalities each merit a book of their own.

Without wishing to mention only one : Friend Bost, awakening priest, John Bost constructed with his wife Eugénie the Foundation which carries his name, Théodore Bost pioneer in America, with Sophie Bonjour, Charles Bost protestant historian, Pierre Bost writer and author with Jacques Aurenche of famous French cinema scenes such as Traversée du Paris (The crossing of Paris), Jacques-Laurent Bost an intellectual friend of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, the singer Renaud…
It is across more than two centuries of history that you are invited to browse these rare images, french, european and of other continents. Here also a way of uncovering amazing lives of people, women and men, who had in common each of them a demanding idea, of existence and often a phrophetic vision.


The work has been carried out with the help of the Fondation John BOST and of the home of John et Eugénie Bost.


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